Wholesale VoIP

Wholesale VoIP



Maxtel International Voice Services offers worldwide voice capabilities to Carriers, Service Providers, and Mobile Operators combining network reliability, competitive pricing and excellent routing solutions. As a VOIP and fixed tier one service provider, we open the door to a powerful international network that provides access to over 100 direct routes with international carriers. Maxtel can interconnect both TDM and VoIP-native carriers (either SIP or H.323 with the most advanced protocols) in order to offer advanced customizable voice solutions.


  • Highest Quality possible at extremely competitive prices.
  • Global Relationship Management. A simplistic approach to a service that's convenient, effective and personalized for your business globally.
  • Global reach with comprehensive agreements for value added services with more than 30 operators around the world.
  • Service development never stops. We continually enhance our services to meet the standards and needs of the market.
  • Guaranteed quality across all service features underpinned by our international traffic transport.



Value Proposal

  • We provide you with customizable coverage and top tier quality for any service you choose.
  • Our Wholesale International Voice Services enable the use of our international network in addition to VoIP capabilities with increasing day by day coverage. This means you can extend your network without having to extend your existing infrastructure as well as the ability to maximize your voice services locally and internationally. With our service, you can obtain the following features:
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Highest quality possible.
  • Redundant routes.
  • Traffic management
  • Optimal routing



Key Indicator


By utilizing our International Termination Service you obtain quality measurement under the following parameters:

  • Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR)
  • Network Effectiveness Ratio (NER)
  • Average Length of Conversation (ALOC)
  • PGRD (in our network)
  • Response Time
  • Calls with C.L.I. (Call Line Identification)


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