MaxCloud BBT enables residential, small and medium size business customers to get IP telephony service, quickly and easily, with the platform features, scalability and support to generate impressive results. Customers can make and receive phone calls to landlines and mobile phones using their familiar telephone handset and routing the call over an existing broadband internet connection. Customers can enjoy international calling at incredibly low rates.

 Broadband Telephony is the first service among other services aiming to entirely personalize your communication experience. The service expands your current telephony experience by offering you:

  • Cost effective calls
  • Free of charge features like caller ID, call forwarding, call hold and many more.
  • Easy management of supplementary telephony services like call forwarding, call rejection, the activation of distinctive ringing tone via a web interface.
  • The ability to make calls via your computer using the MaxCloud BBT
  • Install additional separate telephone numbers at a very low cost.
  • Use any device you prefer such as: analog telephones or DECT type telephones

The provisioning of the Broadband Telephony service requires an existing internet connection such as DSL, Ethernet or broadband service.

How to make and receive calls using Maxtel BBT:

Analog Phone Adapter (ATA)

You can use a special pre-configured adaptor which connects to your regular telephone handset so all you need to do is plug it in to your broadband modem and telephone handset and start making calls.

SIP Compatible IP-Phone

An IP phone connects directly to your broadband connection, it comes pre-configured so once it is plugged in you can make and receive calls the same way you normally do, just dial and talk.


Our pre-configured softphone sits on your computer desktop and it looks and operates similar to a mobile phone’s key pad. Just connect a headset or a USB phone to your computer and you can make and receive calls just as you would on your normal telephone.