MaxCloud is the platform which carries and delivers Maxtel's comprehensive Unified Communications & IPPBX services.

With cutting edge technology and robust infrastructure, MaxCloud allows small and medium-sized businesses to have a sophisticated communications network without worrying about purchasing complex hardware


MaxCloud IP-PBX

Cloud based PBX systems are increasingly becoming the popular choice as a phone service and enterprise communications system for many people and businesses around the globe because they are less expensive, faster and more convenient to set up

SIP Trunking

MaxSIP trunking solutions allow an enterprise to connect existing PBX equipment to our IP cloud service converging the voice and data services onto a single broadband connection, it can transparently integrate advanced telephony features, such as Web Portals and Voice-mail, with your on premise PBX


Devices & Clients

Maxtel offers simple packages of services that meet your individual work environments and value points, we understand that the phone in the office does not need the same capabilities as an on-the-go knowledge worker, and should not cost the same

DID & Toll Free

Allows customers to extend the international reach of their telephone network rapidly with limited costs. Maxtel maintains a supply of geographical and national phone numbers from more than 80 countries for direct inward dialing (DID)