MaxCloud IP-PBX

Cloud based PBX systems are increasingly becoming the popular choice as a phone service and enterprise communications system for many people and businesses around the globe because they are less expensive, faster and more convenient to set up.

One benefit of a PBX phone system is that your business telephone service can grow with your business, add or remove capabilities as they are needed. You choose the services, and the MaxCloud PBX will meet your needs.

Cloud PBX is also a good phone system choice for a business, because there is no additional charge for additional phone lines, making business expansion cheaper and easier. The Cloud PBX system is also mobile- your business can move location, or an employee can move, and the whole Cloud PBX system can travel with them. You even keep your old phone number. Cloud PBX has all the features other phone systems offer, such as call waiting, caller id, and other services, while still being a cheaper phone option. Your business telephone system can serve your office needs well into the future.

With our hosted IP based PBX you don't need to worry about the cost of installing, configuring and maintaining heavy network equipment allowing you focus on your other aspects of business. Virtually any IP based phone or VOIP enabled device can be connected. MaxCloud PBX enables you to connect different locations to the same cloud, providing greater mobility for your employees.


  • Faster installation and lower cost than the traditional on-premise pbx systems
  • Fully managed by Maxtel. No need to worry about fixing equipment and maintaining your voice network
  • Highly scalable
  • Unify corporate communications by establishing 4 digit dialing between branch offices
  • Should you also choose to add Enterprise IP Phone Service for remote users with broadband connections, those employees would also become connected with 4-digit dialing to their corporate. centrally controlling all the phone numbers and Auto-Attended/IVRs