SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking

Our Solution

MaxSIP trunking solutions allow an enterprise to connect existing PBX equipment to our IP cloud service converging the voice and data services onto a single broadband connection, it can transparently integrate advanced telephony features, such as Web Portals and Voice-mail, with your on premise PBX. With Max SIP Trunking, your company will be able to quickly and easily take advantage of VoIP calling technology while reducing your company's monthly bill.

Pricing Model

With our very competitive and flexible pricing model you only pay for what you use as opposed to getting locked in to excess analog lines or partially-used T1s and PRIs. Maxtel's SIP trunking solution helps you save either by purchasing only the necessary number of channels, or by paying only for minutes used


Reduced Cost

Substantially reduce your company's international telephone bills by utilizaing our high quality routes at the best possible rates


Cut your IT costs by managing a single network, No more separate voice and data connections

Business Continuity

Automated disaster recovery with redundant trunks and the ability to fall back to PSTN

Seamless Scalability

Adding more SIP trunks is easy and quick. New trunks are turned up remotely so you do not have to slow down