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Nteract Mobile App

We at Maxtel have created an advanced VoIP Mobile App Nteract which allows its users to make international calls with their smartphones instantly at a fraction of what it would normally cost.

Our app has been tested and vetted thoroughly for bugs. We currently provide 3 different payment plans that vary with our clientele’s needs. We ensure that our app will meet the highest quality standards in terms of maintenance, connectivity, and audio clarity.

  • Why Nteract? : Our app will allow you to use your wifi or data to call anywhere in the world with a dedicated phone number. In simple terms: You will use our app to call a number and the person you are calling will receive a regular call from a regular phone number from that country. This process ensures the highest call quality possible at a much lower price.
  • Bugs/Glitches : Our app has withstood rigorous testing and in the event that an issue arises, Our talented team of engineers will rapidly locate and resolve the issue.
  • Customer support : We highly value our clientele and promise to provide the best customer support possible at all times.
Max 1
World Wide

Personal U.S. Phone Number

Unlimited Inbound Calls

Call any destination World Wide

Max 3
Arab Countries

Personal U.S. Phone Number

Unlimited Inbound Calls

Call Egypt, Saudi, Kuwait

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For more information contact us at sales@maxtel.us or by calling +1 469 297 2907